School of Well-being

What is the School of Well-being?

It is a set of strategies aimed at the positive resettlement of immigrants in Aotearoa through the recognition and respect of human diversity and the strengthening of the potential of each person and families.

What does “Wellbeing” mean

The satisfaction of basic needs, which also means to live and die with dignity. Living in love and in creation as well as growing in health, peace, harmony, reciprocity and solidarity with all forms of life and cultures. The seizing of opportunities through flourishing skills and abilities, and full participation in all aspects of life within society.
Protection, participation and alliance between our organisation and the communities and families of all the diverse territories of Aotearoa. A process of discovering ourselves as communities, and the possibility of transforming ourselves and our  environment.

Our services

1. Crisis Support / Apoyo en crisis

ALAC Inc and its multidisciplinary team support vulnerable individuals and family groups from migrant and refugee backgrounds in circumstances of crisis where an immediate response is required and includes the provision of an immediate assessment, action plan, emergency accommodation and immediate response. 


2. Well-Being Support

ALAC Inc undertakes a comprehensive assessment of client’s cases in benefit of migrants and refugees mainly from the Latin American community settling in New Zealand. ALAC Inc provides social assistance, settlement advice, counselling services, legal support, interpreting/translating services, among others in accordance with a tailored action plan on a case-by-case basis. 


3. Community Support / Servicios comunitarios

The ALAC Inc prevention and education strategy is delivered through our workshops, activities and programmes inspired by the values of the organisation, the strategic priorities and the changing social needs of the community. We focus on preventing domestic violence; promoting parenting skills; enhancing individual-family-community well-being; strengthening a multicultural dialogue with other ethnic communities; and promoting environmental, economic and social sustainable practices that provide Latin American people with the skills and understandings of their needs to live a productive and healthy life.

4. Cultural Services / Servicios culturales

ALAC Inc area of Cultural Services aims to promote the cultural values and languages of the Latin American Community. 

Our cultural services have successfully established important links between the community and major NZ society in benefit of the broader community and includes , Letras Latinas Library, Letras Latinas Publishing House, Books Clubs, Music Groups, Dance Groups and Media Department.