Driving Test Course in Spanish

The course pretends to study New Zealand’s driving rules within the framework of the Road Code, the course is delivered in Spanish, which eliminates the language barrier that makes it difficult for some people to pass the theory test.

Men Things Matter -MTM

The MTM programme aims to give men a space where they feel confident to encounter and rediscover themselves in a safe and neutral environment.

This space creates the opportunity to bring about the chances of dialoguing and seeking support from appropriate sources. It includes speakers that willcover health, employment, family issues, addictions, legal issues, etc.

Cooking for Well-Being

This program equipped the women with various strategies: Using empowerment through healthy cooking, self-care techniques with the body and mind, awareness of healthy foods as well-being care for themselves and their community, creativity and anti-stress techniques while cooking and continuous improvement of their lives with knowledge and positive thinking about themselves.

Developing Vocational Opportunities Programme

The Developing Vocational Opportunities Programme has been put together by The Traveling Sewing Box Project and Synergy Advisory in order to empower and up-skill migrant women with the intention to create vocational opportunities and financial independence.

We assist migrant women in the design, creation, production, marketing and distribution of a product which has unique cultural value to their own culture and is made to a high industry standard in order to be marketed and distributed by themselves.

Family Day

Glances of Diversity

Family Day are generally outdoor activities where families gather to celebrate Latin American identities, share their common language and enjoy leisure activities to raise awareness of family values and the importance of positive parenting skills and safe families. Visits to the Auckland Zoo, Henderson Valley Farm or planting days in collaboration with Forest and Birds on Waiheke Island have been organised in benefit of more than 200 members of the community over the past years.

In October 2019, ALAC Inc sponsored the Simón Bolivar Friendship Cup, a soccer tournament that involved over 800 visitors on the day and participated 8 Local Latin American Football teams from all over the North Island. A decision to merge The Family Day and the SB Friendship Cup in 2020 will represent a new stage in the development of the community and a new challenge.

Powered by ALAC Inc, this Latin American-flavoured community event displays the work of artists and artisans, and other immigrants, who participated in workshops and activities of the organisation or have an audio-visual statement of diversity and migration.

Glances of Diversity aims to contribute to the community’s identity-building process through the exhibition of a collective testimony about the challenges of migration and settlement in Aotearoa New Zealand.